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Polished, Burnished & Honed Concrete
Concrete Surface:
Polished, Burnished & Honed Concrete

Binder and Sealers:
Pro Seal 770, ProSeal 896, ProSeal 898

Our acrylic water based sealers are fantastic for using on honed, polished or burnished concrete surfaces. The polymers penetrate deeply into the concrete and form a solution through the top concrete layers. This substance remains in place for the life of the concrete. The outer layer just needs an additional coat every 3-5 years for maintenance, depending on the level of traffic that the surface receives. Most dense surfaces can not have a same day of pour application, for new concrete.

All of our acrylic sealants are environmentally friendly, water based and easy and safe to use. They are not made using any harmful substances and can be used on dry, wet or damp surfaces. Our acrylic sealers are resistance to UV rays and are durable and also breathable.

Pro-Seal 770 has been designed to used as a grouting binder. Used with the concrete dust, it fills all fine cracks and small holes, leaving you with an aesthetic appearance and preventing dirt and grime from becoming in ground. For Honed Concrete, Our acrylic sealers are designed for use in two steps. Firstly, apply Pro-Seal 770 and then follow with Pro-Seal 896. Pro-Seal 770 will reduce the porosity of your concrete and delicately enhance the colours of your surface. Applying a Pro-Seal 896 top coat adds increased strength to your surface and it also repels stains that may be caused by spilled items such as oil and liquids.

Pro-Seal 896 can be used on honed concrete as a sealant, without needing to combine layers of other sealant product. It leaves a beautiful satin finish.

On concrete surfaces Pro-Seal 989 is then used over your surface as a sealant for a highly polished look and shine. This product is ideal as it is designed to penetrate into those really solid materials that are hard to seal effectively.
Both our acrylic sealants leave a glossy shine once buffed. The amount of gloss produced is dependent upon the materials that the sealants are applied to. More porous surfaces such as rough concrete, result in a lesser shine. Our products create a very fine layer that blends with the existing contours of the surface. To increase the shine simply apply additional coats or buff accordingly. After application of both products the surfaces can be buffed to achieve very high gloss levels.

If you are not 100% sure, please contact us on application methods. For professional use only.
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