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Liquid Limestone, Natural Limestone, Reconstituted Limestone

ProPrimer 575, Pro-Seal 770, ProSeal 896

Liquid limestone and modified limestone products are very porous, and depending on the type of limestone product, can be very soft and crumbly. They generally stain quite easily and are susceptible to high levels of wear and erosion when compared to non-porous surfaces such as woods and plastics. Using a quality sealant is essential to keep these products functional and looking great. This is really important when they are used in high traffic areas such as driveways and pathways.

The technology used in superior sealing products allows them to penetrate deeply into your surfaces, curing them to provide a seal which strengthens and stabilises. The strength produced by our sealants makes them an ideal system to seal limestone products.

Pro Primer 575 is excellent for using as an admix to produce greater strength, provide water repellency, and protect your reconstituted limestone products.

Use Pro-Seal 770 is best used as a based coat. It helps to fill in the bigger pores of your limestone product and therefore reduces the overall porosity of the limestone. We recommend that you finish the cure with a top coat of Pro-Seal 896. This will provide a high strength, stain resistant seal to protect your surface and keep it looking good.
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