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Pro Seal 575 - Premium Concrete Primer

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Premium Concrete Primer

Concrete Primer For All Types Of Concrete

Water Based Sealers Pro-Primer 575 is a premium concrete Primer / Admix which is used for making super strong, fast curing, waterproof concrete. It is ideal as a Water Based primer for decorative concrete resurfacing and for strengthening, stabilising, and waterproofing sand finished rendered walls before they are painted.

4 litres of product seals up to 100 metres square. This is dependent on surface porosity.


This product is a water-based concentrate which is completely compatible with cement and cement like products. It adds supple strength to brittle materials and is ideal as an admix in concrete, plasters, screeds and more. Its function is to greatly increase the overall strength and durability. It is a water-proofer, and so is suited to water features, and outdoor furniture and structures too.

The WBS Pro Primer 575 is best used on damp surfaces. This saves you heaps of time as you don’t need to wait for your plasters, screeds and other materials to dry out. You can prime your walls as soon as the white set is applied. The primer slows down the moisture loss that occurs with cementitious creed. This means that the plaster cures properly and is much less likely to delaminate and crack. The binding properties mean that damage from erosion is greatly reduced. A surface is created when using Pro-Primer 575 that is highly durable and less porous.
This product makes a great base for painting as when applied over this product your paint will last longer, and will not peel off over time.

Note that WBS Pro Primer 575 for best results apply a quality exterior paint or resurfacing product as the topcoat. Water Based Sealers Pro Seal 770, Pro Seal 896 and Pro Seal 898 are recommended as a final coat for best results. This is a great product to use as a render on external sand finishes exposed to harsh climate and salt air.


Extremely strong mPa increasing binder and water-proofer. I
Styrene Acrylic Polymer
Non-hazardous materials Classification
Adds extreme strength and durability to render and cement
Cost effective method of increasing the quality of the cement and render materials
Excellent for use under exterior paint that is exposed to harsh climates and salt air


Curing Time – Touch dry: 30-60 minute
Pro Seal 575 Premium Concrete Primer is extremely strong and durable
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