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At Water Based Concrete Sealers we have found that there are a number of issues that occur in concreting. Our products are especially formulated to provide a unique solution to these issues. Concrete remediation is easy and fast to perform with our products. It is also a safe practice – the products are non hazardous at all forms of the application process.

Improved Efficient Concrete Curing
WBS products have been designed to be applied to both wet and dry surfaces. This means that the concrete can be sealed on the day it is poured. Our sealers are fast penetrating, and will protect the concretes surface. It also slows down moisture loss which occurs naturally through the evaporation process.

There is less likelihood of surface cracks forming with our products. It is now really simple to cure and seal your concrete. You save time and money and your client is happy!

Protection from the Weather
Pro Primer 575 cures the concrete surface quickly and efficiently. This protects it from the elements, heavy rain, storms, excess water and erosion.

Rendered Surfaces
Pro Primer 575 will stabilise your surfaces and stop them from cracking and wearing. Once your concrete is sealed you can paint it or apply other finishes. If you are not adding a finish to your product, we suggest that you use a layered combination of both ProSeal 770 & ProSeal 896. Using both products will increase your UV stability and provide you with the best protection for your concreting surfaces.

Dusting Concrete Repair
Dusting concrete is the while chalk or powdering of concrete which occurs at the surface layer of concrete. There are many different reasons that this occurs. ProSeal 896 provides an easy solution to this problem. This product penetrates deeply into the concrete and provides strength and durability to the surface of your concrete.
If you are working with a highly porous concrete slab, we highly recommend pre-treatment with ProSeal 770. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Efflorescence Prevention
Salt spall is the crumbling of concrete and is brought about by salt. Salt spall often occurs around swimming pools, areas that are affected by rising damp, and at the bottom of retaining walls. Water rich in salts and minerals enter the concrete and when it evaporates it leaves the salts and minerals in the pores of the concrete or on its surface. Salt which crystalises in the pores of the concrete causes minute cracks and create a soft, friable surface that can easily become unstable.

Salt that deposits on the surface of your material is called efflorescence. It can show up as an almost fluffy crystalline growth, or as a hard deposit. It is easy to eliminate efflorescence and seal treated surfaces with ProSeal 770 and ProSeal 896 to stop them from coming back.

Waterproofing Primer & Admix
ProPrimer 575 is ideal for use as a waterproofing guard We advise that you use it under coating and repair systems to provide a water resistant layer that also enhances the bonds between concrete, its coatings and any other related stonework. It is ideal for repairing concrete cancer, in flooring systems and for preparing rendered walls.

ProPrimer 575 can be used as an admix to ensure durable, super, waterproof, fast curing concrete.
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