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Concrete Resurfacing
Cleaning and Sealing Old Resurfaced or Stencilled Concrete

ProSeal 770, ProSeal 896, ProSeal 898

Use Water Based Concrete Sealers for your concrete resurfacing cleaning and resealing jobs.
Our sealers can be applied to wet and damp surfaces which saves you time.

Pro-Seal 770 binds to cement and will enhance the colour of your concrete. The product can be blended into the resurfacing mix in replacement of your normal binders to increase the strength of the concrete and bring out the colour. The product is ideal for use as a base coat. After application wash down the surface and then apply Pro-Seal 770. All of this can be done while your product is still wet.

After the Pro-Seal 770 base coat is dry the job can be finished with a single coat of Pro-Seal 896 to protect against common stains. If you require a high gloss use Pro-Seal 898 as a final coat.

The entire concrete resurfacing job can be done in just two days. You save time and money and your client is happy with a job well done!

Our sealers are not always compatible with all resurfaciing compounds, some compounds may leach surfactants or white blemishes underneath the sealers surface. Works well with Concrete Doctors Patent Pending PLR system. Exclusive to Concrete Doctor Franchisee’s.

For Professional Use Only.
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