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Pro Seal 898 - Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer for all types of Concrete

Concrete Sealer * Non-Toxic * Easy to Apply * Last 5 times longer than rival products * Water Clean Up

Why Use Water Based Sealers Pro Seal 898?

Water Based Concrete Sealer Pro Seal 898 is an Eco-Friendly Concrete Sealer with Unrivalled Stain Protection.  Easy to apply for both the Professional Contractor and DIY user.  WBS Pro Seal 898 last up to 10 years in exterior harsh climates and saves you time and money in the long run.  Great for interior or exterior polished, honed or burnished concrete surfaces.  Concrete Sealing made easy and effective with WBS Pro Seal 898.

The Innovator Not The Imitator

Water Based Concrete Sealer is the most trusted Brand of Sealer.  Water Based Sealers developed and pioneered the easy and effective sealing of concrete using advanced technology that is far superior than rival products.  Our unique chemical composition has imitated by competitive products but has yet to even come close to our performance and durability.  When quality and value for money is what you are after look no further than WBS Pro Seal 898, the most advanced concrete sealer on the market today.

Sealing Concrete Made Easy

A concrete seal is a physical barrier that protects and enhances the surface of the concrete. Most sealers require a slab to be completely dry before they can be applied. This means, in best practice, a slab cannot be sealed until at least 28 days after it is poured. There are some ‘same day’ sealers available, but these sacrifice long-term performance for moisture tolerance and are a temporary seal at best. Water Based Sealers products are based on a revolutionary technology that enables them to be applied to wet surfaces. They use the water as a conduit to penetrate deep into the concrete to create a long-lasting matrix seal that cannot peel or flake. This affinity for water allows Water Based Sealers Concrete Sealer to be applied to freshly poured slabs without compromising on the sealer longevity or performance.
Water Based Sealer Pro Seal 898 is an Eco Friendly concrete sealer with unrivalled stain protection
Pro Seal 898 - 4 Litres
Mixed at 1:4 with Water
100m2 average coverage

Pro Seal 898 - 20 Litres
Mixed at 1:4 with Water
500m2 average coverage
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